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The Golden Tree

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The massage under the "Golden Tree"



Traditionally, as a century ago, we still offer massages under the "Golden Tree". We opened a new location in Vienna and brought the traditions from California with us.

Deep tissue massage



Also commonly referred to as a classic massage & Swedish massage is a typical strong back massage.

Cosmetic facial lymphatic drainage


This massage method is extremely relaxing, invigorates the skin and gives the face a beautiful radiance. Such a treatment treats the face, neck and head and provides a firming effect.

Sauna & Fitness center

Visit over 350 m2 of fitness and sauna area provided by

Studio am Stadtpark.

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Our professional masseuses  are always available at the renowned luxury hotel IntercCntinental Vienna.

The Golden Tree

Most popular



Most liked one


Swedish massage



Dissolves tensions


similar to the deep tissue massage





You have to try it

Wellness massage


for a Better blood circulation

Regulates the circulation


Extremely sensitive massage



Very pupular

Deep-tissue massage


very relaxing and pleasant

Expansion of the nerve path

improves organ function

The Golden Tree




"I'm sinking somewhere nowhere, forgetting time and space, and I'm sure that what I'm receiving is more than a classic massage."

Lucia B.




"Especially in the InterContinental you feel very well and can be better off. The shallow jingles of piano music and the familiar scent of Golden Tree Oil make a massage with "The Golden Tree" so beautiful. "

Danielle Rios




"After 50 minutes of massage by the nice conversation which went by in flight, I felt like new again."

Lukas M.


Musiker in New York

The Golden Tree


Milan Varga


Golden Tree Europe Head & Masseur

Anna Varga



Director masseuse 


Milan Angelo Varga

Junior CEO & Manager



Massage services

Classic sports massage


Also commonly referred to as a classic massage, Swedish massage is a typical back strong massage. The masseur massages with his hands and performs various stroking and kneading movements that relax  the muscles.


  • 25 min – 35 € .  / . 40$
  • 50 min – 65 € .  / . 73$
  • 80 min – 100 € . / . 113$
Wellness massage
Full body lymphatic drainage


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